12.09.28 Stuff

Capillary leak syndrome

    • Self-reversing episodes during which the endothelial cells which line the capillaries are thought to separate for a few days

    • Possible prodromal symptoms:

      • Runny nose and/or other flu-like symptoms

      • Gastro-intestinal disorders (diarrhea or vomiting)

      • General weakness or pain in limbs

    • Signs:

      • hemoconcentration

      • hypotension

      • hypoalbuminemia

      • partial or generalized oedema

    • Phases:

      • Capillary leak phase

        • Lasts from 1 to 3 days

        • Up to 70% of total plasma volume may invade cavities in the trunk and extremities

      • Recruitment phase

        • Reabsorption of the initially extravasated fluid

        • Usually lasts just as long as the leak phase

        • Can => polyuria, PE

    • Prevention

      • Beta agonists such as theophylline, terbutaline and montelukast sodium

      • IVIG