13.05.10 Mental health act

Section three

    • Mental disorder

      • Organic or non-organic

      • Including personality disorder

    • Of a nature or degree

      • i.e. Even if no current symptoms, the nature of a patient's past illness can be sufficient

    • Making it appropriate

      • Doctor-focussed

    • That they be under hospital detention for treatment

    • On the basis of their health, safety or the protection of others

      • Protection on others should be a separate act

    • Appropriate medical treatment should be available

      • Defined extremely broadly (education, rehab..)

      • Only the purpose need be to treat - i.e. Doesn't need to be likely to help, or even reasonable

    • For the disorder, its symptoms or its manifestations

      • What does this mean in personality disorders?

Antisocial PD problem

    • Retained capacity, but essentially untreatable

    • So MHA had to be defined widely enough to allow for their detention (if dangerous)

      • => Huge discretion for clinicians

Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder (DSPD)

    • Not really a diagnosis at all

    • Introduced in 2001 to allow detention of bad 'ns

    • Michael Stone: Murder of Lin and Megan Russell in 1998

Personality disorders (DSM-IV)


    • Section 3 = Section 37 (which is from courts)

  • Professor George Szmukler - No need for MHA, can use MCA

  • Mental disorder = "Impairment or disturbance in functioning of mind or brain resulting from a disability or disorder of mind or brain"

  • MAPPA / MARAC for dangerous folk